Friday, August 8, 2014

A Small Change in curriculum

So yesterday my daughter was begging me to start school so I decided we would try out our Science curriculum, which was Apologia Botany.  She enjoyed coloring the pages but then we got into the reading and notebooking and I realized that this curriculum is way above her level of understanding.  Every other sentence she would tell me she was confused and when I asked her the follow up questions at the end she couldn't answer one correctly.  We spent an hour and a half on one lesson! It was way too much for her (and me!).

I knew that with homeschooling there would be trial and error so I am fine with switching curriculum.  I did some Science resources research yesterday and settled on A Beka as our new choice.  I read a lot of great reviews about it and the cost was on the lower side so this mama is hopeful!

The Sonlight Science looks great but it was too expensive and looks like a lot more work than I want to put into Science my first year of homeschooling.  Maybe next year I will be up for it! :)

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