Sunday, July 27, 2014

School Room Tour

Welcome to our School Room!  I promised you a tour and I decided today that it was clean enough to go ahead and take some pictures to share with you all.  I also took a video which I personally think gives a better view of the room but I am having trouble uploading it so for now this will have to do.  

The first thing we did was paint the room this very beautiful blue color. I think the actual name was Surfer Blue which is why I love it, it reminds me of the ocean.

The brightly colored alphabet rug is a new find that I really love. I found it at Costco and it adds so much color and fun to the room. The large map is also great and I'm sure we will get a lot of use out of it this year as we study world History.

This 9 cubed cabinet was a very exciting find at Home Goods. It is home to all of our Curriculum and books on the top two rows. The bottom row is full of toys and activities I can have Fish do while I am teaching Peanut.  

This colorful cabinet will be for storing all of Peanut's work throughout the week until I can get it graded and filed away.  

I will put our weekly memory verse on the chalkboard. The large whiteboard will be for teaching lessons and the lower whiteboard will be for Peanut to use to do practice problems and work.  

This is our amazing closet of supplies! It is amazing how much I have been able to store here.  The pink and black bins are full of all of our art supplies from pencils to markers to glue to paint to construction paper. Everything has its own place and I really hope it will stay organized all year.  

This side of the closet is full of games, educational activities, and books! Lots of books!!

I love this quote from Dr. Seuss and I hope it will encourage my new reader!

A LOT of books here! The top shelves are for Peanut, middles shelves for Sport, and bottom shelves for Fish.  Fish has some toys as well to help keep him occupied while I'm teaching Peanut.

Well if you are still reading, I hope that you enjoyed this post!  I am very thankful to have a school room and a place to organize all of our school supplies.  Coming from a teacher background it is hard for me not to just put a huge whiteboard on one wall and desks facing it. I am trying to embrace homeschooling and the freedom that it allows me to teach a new way.  I am sure even my school room will change throughout the year as I get my feet wet and discover what works best for my kids.

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