Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our First week of Homeschool EVER :)

We have this great school room yet I find that we are doing most of our work at the kitchen table.  My two younger boys were home all day with us the first two days of the week so that was a bit of a juggling act.  I found that teaching Peanut was pretty easy actually. She is a good listener and a good student. But my two rambunctious boys made it hard for her to even hear me at times. I tried entertaining them with things in the house but nothing was working so outside they went. Peanut and I could sit at the kitchen table and work yet I could see them out the window.  The second half of the week Sport was in preschool in the morning so we were able to get the bulk of our work done while he's gone.  Fish is much better behaved by himself and I was able to keep him pretty entertained.  We pick up Sport around 11 and come back and have lunch and the Fish goes down for a nap.  With the two older kiddos I do the read alouds.  So far this has worked really well! Peanut and Sport are loving our read aloud time each day and I am too!

The night before Sport was going to start preschool, my husband went in to check on the boys and found them covered in a green marker that Sport had snuck into bed with him.  He kindly drew all over Fish's face and arms as well.  Ugh, boys...a never ending adventure.

Today was our first day with an emotional meltdown...during Math (what else?)!  The lesson went well but as soon as I pulled that worksheet out the tears flowed freely and the negative self talk came out.  No one has ever told my daughter that she is bad at math or that she will "never ever get it" so where do these thoughts come from?  Why do we constantly belittle ourselves?  It is so innate in us, it is something we have to fight against.  We took and break and prayed and when she came back to it she finished the sheet with no problem.

We learned a lot this week and I a am excited for where we go from here!

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