Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Curriculum Choices for 2014-2015

Drum roll please...... haha! After a LOT of research, reading blogs, reading reviews, and talking to friends who homeschool I have finally decided on what curriculum we are going to use next year.  I know I am planning WAY earlier than most people but I am hoping to get the curriculum soon so I can start planning my year next year.  I also want to try to read all of the novels ahead of time so I will be better able to teach.  I am really excited about this curriculum!! I think we are going to have such a fun year!

So, for Math we are going to be using Horizon. I chose this curriculum because it had really great reviews and I liked that the worksheets are in pretty colors which I think my daughter will enjoy. I found that picking a Math curriculum was the hardest of all. So we are going to try this one this year and if it's not a good fit we will try something new next year.  I hope it will be a good fit though!

For Science, we are going to use Apologia's Exploring Creation with Botany.  I have heard wonderful things about this curriculum and I love how in depth the lessons are for the year.  There are about 8 subjects for Elementary school so I let Peanut pick which one sounded the most interesting to her. She said she wanted to learn about plants and trees so we are going with Botany :)  I have already planned some field trips to the Botanic Gardens in San Diego and the Huntington Library in Pasadena!  I think she is going to love Science next year!

For Handwriting we are going to use A Reason for Handwriting.  I love that it incorporates scripture into learning to write manuscript and cursive!

For the bulk of our lessons we will be using Sonlight.  This will be for History, Language Arts, Geography, and Bible.  I love that this curriculum uses living books to teach instead of textbooks!!!  I have heard WONDERFUL things about this curriculum and know that I have to try it to see if it is a good fit for our family!  And the great thing is that there is 100% money back guarantee if it is not a good fit for us!!

So that is our curriculum for next year!!  I think we are going to have a lot of fun!

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