Sunday, January 4, 2015

A bump in the road and a baby

So the first semester went quite different than I had anticipated! We were going strong, finally found our groove with school, and then we got THE call.  The birth mom of our two boys had just had another baby boy and they wanted to know if we wanted him. Oh, and we had two hours to decide. Well, it took us less than that to decide that yes, we wanted our son's biological brother. A week later we had an 8 day old beautiful newborn in our home.  It was absolutely crazy and wonderful. We now have four kids and our family is finally complete.  But the lack of preparation for a new baby and the huge transition caused us to feel quite overwhelmed right away. Homeschool was the only variable we could change at the moment so we decided to enroll our daughter in a local charter school.

She was there for three weeks. It was a nice break for her from the craziness at home and it was a nice break for us, having one less kid to worry about throughout the day. But a funny thing happened! I realized that I missed teaching her and spending time with her every day! We also noticed that she started getting a bit of an attitude again (same thing happened when she was at school last year). Over the Christmas break she has gone back to being a sweet, helpful girl and we have loved having her home every day.

So we are going back to homeschooling again! I did a trial week last week with her and my son who is Pre-K and it went great. My toddler got in there too and enjoyed learning.  And when I was working with my daughter, the other two boys played together which was great.  So we are also pulling my son from his preschool class and we are going to do this homeschool thing full steam!

We are continuing the same curriculum with Peanut but for Sport I am doing a mixture of Confessions of a Homeschooler PreK curriculum and some workbooks and some Five in a Row Literature.

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